Simplified Living Cloud Product Suites

SLPeople : A comprehensive HRMS (Human resources management systems) to manage complete employee cycle from “Hire to Retire”. It is a parameter driven software – allows addition of income and deduction heads at any point. Named formula easily allows changes such as PF rule or tax slab and configure unique requirements of a state or a country easily. Workflow integration and compatibility with all mobile devices allow paperless operation.

SLCsms: Contract Staff management System is a cloud based solution for managing the contract staffs of an organisation. Large organisations deploy large number of contract staffs and have to manage them just like their own employees but cannot keep them in their payroll. SLCsms is a solution that is helping these organisations to manage the key functions related to these contract staffs including their onboarding attendance, assets( laptop, computer), leave management, exit etc.

SLAsset: A full cycle asset management solution to keep track of the information including asset type, location, movement, maintenance request, add, issue, and salvage activities. QR Code can be created to associate any asset for easy access and periodic auditing. Asset amortization allows for tax benefits etc.

SLEngage: SLEngage is a Membership/Engagement Management System to automate all membership management functions including managing member types, member profiles, membership fee and other charges. It allows to send invoices and collect payments online, send receipts by emails, display notice, news and details of the governance team on the homepage. Apart from this SLEngage can be used for receiving donations, distributing emails for marketing.

SLDocs : SLDocs is a complete Document Management System capable of storing and archiving hundreds of thousands documents in any format – PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, videos files stored into this application repository. Document indexing uses a proprietary algorithm which facilitates very fast retrieval of the intended documents by either matching the keywords or text pattern matching within the document.

SLDocgen: A document generation and management system, is an advanced and intelligent platform to make the process of drafting template based documents swift and efficient. It has been built on proprietary technology and aims to improve operations of organisations working with standard and template driven documents. By deploying an intuitive interface and process flow, SLDocgen can help employees increase productivity and mitigate errors. Financial service organisations, export oriented companies for export documentation or any company dealing with large number of documents and their workflow will find this very useful.

SLSupplyChainManagement: SLSupplyChainManagement is a full cycle material management solution involving procurement to consumption supply chain. One can also manage document, asset apart from consumable items. A QR Code can be created to associate any group of document and assets including machines. The store logistics module allows storage of items in an ordered sequence for faster retrieval and access.