Ecommerce Website Design

Most of the large eCommerce websites and apps do not rely on the standard eCommerce solutions as they require a lot of customisation to suit their requirements, have performance issues and it is not cost effective.
Rensol specialises in Custom Fixed Price eCommerce solutions using Microsoft Technologies including Visual, C#, DevExpress, Xamarin, and MS SQL.  A number of large eCommerce businesses have relied on Rensol solutions to meet their

Some of the features of the Custom eCommerce website development includes:

  1. Multiple Payment Gateways
  2. Discounts and Coupons
  3. Merchant Portal
  4. Google Maps integration
  5. Multi Country Taxes
  6. Advanced Filters
  7. OTP Login
  8. Shipping
  9. Mobile Responsive

Implementation is done on Microsoft Azure, AWS or any other infrastructure provider globally.