Membership and Event Management Solution

Rensol has been helping not for profits globally in achieving their objectives since 2010. The not-for-profit customers include fundraising and charities and Membership based organisations like Associations, Societies and Chambers of Commerce. Some of the Fundraising charities include Focus on the Family, Plan India, Sahaj Marg Spirituality Foundation and Starlight Children’s Foundation. Some of the membership based organisations include Singapore Business Federation, Singapore IT Federation, Aeronautical Society of India, IAHR and many others.

Rensol is an implementation partner of ASI for implementing their flagship product iMIS. (

  1. Not-for-Profit customers from Australia, Singapore, China, Canada, India, USA
  2. Large portfolio of solutions using multiple technologies – for e.g. solution built for a global spiritual organization to track and send a million mails every day from Austin, USA
  3. Recruitment process, induction, appraisal, leave accounting, payroll etc
  4. Mobile App based event management connected to web  CRM
  5. Rensol has travelled a long path in the past 4 years after disengaging with Starlight.
  6. We understand the Indian non-profits’s issues and problems and are committed to work with them.
  7. Implemented and supporting iMIS for Associations, Chambers, Councils and other non-profits in India and Singapore

Some of the challenges faced by memberships include:

  • Membership Retention and Recruitment
  • Member Engagement
  • Continuously Changing Priorities & Targets
  • Effective Communication
  • Increase in top line (Revenue)
  • Decisions based on analysis of past data
  • Poor Data Quality
  • Find Stable & Proven Vendor

Rensol has been working with many membership based organisations to help mitigate these challenges through the implementation of iMIS and its own product SL-Engage.

iMIS is an engagement management system (EMS)™ that enables you to manage member or donor data, email communications, events, online payments, online fundraising and more in one cloud-based, PCI-validated, and mobile-ready system.

More than a CRM

iMIS fuses database management and web publishing in a single cloud-based engagement management system (EMS)™ — eliminating data silos, improving reporting, and enabling continuous performance improvement. A built-in scoring engine helps you to define, measure, and maximise engagement.

Proven and Secure Technology

iMIS is developed with industry-standard Microsoft technology, deployed in in industry-leading data centres, and certified as ‘PCI-Validated’ by an independent auditor – the highest level of security possible.

100% Accessible on Any Device

The iMIS staff administrative console is 100% accessible on any device and very easy to learn and use. Deliver a compelling user experience to your constituents with a mobile-friendly interface.

Advanced Data Analytics

iMIS includes configurable dashboards based on industry best-practices so you can achieve continuous performance improvement through real-time measurement of KPIs.

Easy and Affordable Setup and Support

iMIS is easy and affordable to setup and comes with world-class support and education.
Rensol is an authorised partner and we offer an ecosystem of add-on products, integrations, and services while NiUG International – the largest, independent users group in the non-profit software industry – provides additional support. With iMIS you are never alone!