A food delivery mobile app similar to Uber Eats

Deliver anything-not just food for a startup in Australia

  • Extensive experience in development of native and hybrid mobile apps using Xamarin, ionic, angular, react and flutter frameworks
  • Native mobile code to enable app to run across all mobile platforms – Android and iOS
  • Use tools to enable seamless development of mobile apps accessing the same database and components as that of the web application
  • Iterations of intuitive UX Design using tools like Balsamiq with customer before development

Key Features

  • Customer registration and entire flow from Order till receipt
  • Merchant Registration which includes creation of item list so that customer can select the items which will be delivered by the transport agency
  • Transport agency registration
    1. Registration of driver
    2. Acceptance of order
    3. Pickup and delivery
  • Extensive use of geotagging for shops near me, customer location , driver route etc