Spreadsheet Chaos and Rensol Solution for excel automation

Spreadsheet Based Secure Solutions

  • In a recent report, Gartner estimates that 60% of companies still use Excel for planning in some part of the organization

Why excel ?

  • It’s there– installed on every machine
  • It’s easy – everyone knows how to use it – from simple calculations, to building models, charts, graphs and more
  • It’s flexible – users can manipulate the data to meet management needs

Issues with Excel?

  • Version Control – multiple versions to multiple people- difficult to manage
  • Access control- anybody can make any change- entire data is visible
  • Excel does not have any built in workflow for approval or rejection
  • There is no audit trail – no record of who changed what

Rensol Excel Automated Tool requires the data to be stored in MS SQL Server. This allows multiple people to work on the same excel without any issues related to multiple versions. The user can download the same excel at any time. Besides , it allows for access right,  workflow management, audit trail etc.

Rensol has implemented this solution for one of the world’s largest commodity companies and also for  two of the largest global beverages and spirit companies.