Application Optimisation Services

If you are frustrated by the marginal improvement of application response time after a major server upgrade to improve performance of the applications OR if you are disturbed by the frequent user complaints related to response time of the applications in use, you may consider calling  Rensol  SW engineers to carry out a performance audit and improve performance without any HW or SW product upgrade.

Rensol has just improved the application performance by 8 times of a data heavy application being used by over 100 users at a famous Multi National Company. 33 programs including many reports with massive amount of data were being executed taking on the average 23 minutes per program before optimisation. After Rensol was asked to look into that and optimise the application, the average time was brought down to below 3 minutes per program. It was achieved without adding any hardware upgrade or database version upgrade.

After modifications of the SQLs or front end programs or lock handling or the stored procedures etc., the programs are first tested in test environments to see the impact and then deployed for live run. The behaviour of the application is monitored for some time to assess the impact. Data related to improvements are compiled and submitted to the concerned people. Over the years Rensol has progressively improved the methodology and approach to application optimisation by including more checks and also by gaining experience from every optimisation project it has carried out.

If you have tried everything and still your programs are running slow and users are complaining, it may be time that you contact Rensol.