Application Security Services

Rensol offers to improve Application security of your web applications and make them hacker proof. We have also built eCommerce applications that use the credit card gateway providers globally. We have acquired rich expertise over the years through the research of our in-house software development team and also from the guidelines of the NIC (National Informatics Centre). We can audit your Web Applications and potentially improve the application security.

Reduction of vulnerability and hacker proofing is a highly specialised and skilled area of software development. Most developers can make good and efficient web applications, but, are not aware of the ways and means to stop unsolicited entry of strangers with potentially risky intentions of hacking the site or changing the information and also stealing classified information.

It is important to note that in spite of making applications secure, wrong usage of them may also result in giving out important information like user-id, password, credit card numbers etc. A few sites may plant spywares on user PCs that can capture the keystrokes the user has used and pass it to an unsafe destination through e-mail. It is important to use a good anti-virus and anti-spyware software on the user PCs and the servers. But, that is not good enough to protect your data. If applications are not designed to take care of application access vulnerabilities, hackers can enter the site despite it having the most robust anti-spyware or anti-virus software. Hackers can commit major difficulties by modifying information or even stealing them without any trace of such things happening. Typically a good hacker proofing requires the following:

  • A robust application security with group level access right security and also page level securities.
  • Rich and powerful login functionalities including blocking of password for consecutive unsuccessful attempts, password expiry after a specified duration, length and composition of password text and encryption of the same and many other features.
  • Recording IPs of the PCs and audit trailing each transaction automatically.
  • Encryption of important data using encryption.
  • Avoiding de-compilation and enforcing encrypted view state
  • Avoiding Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • Broken Access Control
  • Denial of Services
  • Implementing Captcha for re-authenticating the users in most secure pages
  • Session Fixation