Mobile Apps with Xamarin

Statistics suggest that “80% of enterprises are focusing on developing applications that support multiple platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows because cross-platform apps are flexible, easy to use and are most cost-effective.”

Why have we chosen Xamarin for cross platform mobile apps?

Xamarin’s powerful C# environment, native and cross-platform libraries and APIs, and ease of deployment make it the best choice for Xamarin app development.

Xamarin is Open Source and a part of the .NET platform developed by Microsoft.

Among the number of cross-platform frameworks like Xamarin, Flutter,  React Native etc., Xamarin is gaining a lot of popularity among the developers. Rensol has developed several large enterprise and commercial mobile applications using Xamarin.

With Xamarin as the technology platform from Microsoft, you make sure that your app is always up to date with the same experience across iOS and Android with the same codebase.

With Rensol’s  User Experience (UX) design and User Interface (UI) specialists your mobile users get the best experience they can get using an app.